3 Hosting Tips You Should Know Before Purchasing


Website hosting is a term that as an online business owner, as you establish your business blogs and website. Like in all what involves running your online business, I always give recommendations to take tile and understand what you are getting into, especially now, with the abundance of cheap domains and hosting services currently available.

In this article, we have put together a few hosting tips for people who are looking for an affordable but great web hosting account, our goal is that after reading these tips, you will take the time to actually make sure that you are getting a bang for your buck!

What exactly is web hosting?

Web hosting is web space. When someone purchases web hosting services, he/she is purchasing space on the web for their website.

Then why should buying hosting be complicated?

Well, anyone who invests in a property, wants to make sure that what they get is exactly what they paid for!

The space you purchase should be your own, you should have just as much space as you paid for, and you should make sure that somebody cannot just walk in one day and claim it for themselves.

Understand Bandwidth, Disk Space, in order to understand the terms 

Your website could stop working overnight, will you find yourself paying extra fees, thanks to unexpected success?

Bandwidth is known by the level of traffic and data possible to transfer between your website, the users, and the internet. The company hosting your website will offer you a particular level of bandwidth, going over this level can result in high charges.

Make sure to check and double check your bandwidth and disk space terms.

Turns out there is no such thing as unlimited storage 

I am sure you have seen it a lot, many hosting websites offering unlimited storage. If you haven’t seen it yet, you will soon!

The thing is, there is no such thing!

Have you ever heard about TOS of your web hosting service completely? If you are like many people, you will just scan it and won’t read the details. Somewhere in the TOS there is a section that mentions CPU/Server Usage.

To sum it up, basically it says if your web site uses more than a certain amount of storage, it violates the TOS and will be subject to termination.

BackUp, and by that, I mean again.

Relying only on your host to back up your business website is not the best decision on your part. The host is responsible for doing regular back-ups but in case where you cannot guarantee that it is being done, you should make the effort to actively backup your website online in order to ensure that the time you are investing in your brand does not go to waste.

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